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NetSec Open Performance Testing



Dov Yoran, Sr. Director, Strategy & Business Development, Cisco

“Network security has always been about simultaneous efficacy and performance. Any meaningful degradation in processing speed could mean missing the detection of a threat. We fully support the efforts of NetSecOPEN in establishing clear, open industry standards for the testing of network security devices.”


Carsten Rossenhoevel, Co-Founder & CTO, EANTC AG

“NetSecOPEN will help the industry to achieve open and transparent network security testing standards. Thus, providing service providers and enterprises with independent data for their decisions.”


John Maddison, SVP of products and solutions, Fortinet

“Fortinet has a long history of dedication to third-party validation and providing customers with the independent research they need to select solutions that deliver the performance they require. Fortinet has chosen to become a founding member of NetSecOPEN because of their commitment to the open and transparent development of performance testing standards. Organizations like NetSecOPEN are essential to helping customers choose the right solution and effectively protect their network against today’s dynamic threat landscape.”


Atul Dhablania, senior vice president and chief operating officer in engineering, SonicWall

“SonicWall has extensive experience and is well aware of the challenges related to performance testing in network security products. Competing standards and conflicting criteria can make the performance testing of network security products not only confusing, but also a very frustrating exercise. As a founding member, we welcome NetSecOPEN’s  initiative to create an open and transparent performance testing standards. These standards will lay the groundwork for consistent evaluations leading to producing comparable test results regardless of the tools or labs used. We look forward to working with NetSecOPEN on this important initiative and our role as a founding member of this industry-first organization.”


Joe Levy, Sophos CTO.

“Sophos advocates that the testing of security products should be fair, rigorous, and transparent. Independent testing is essential to moving our industry forward, helping customers to make better informed decisions and helping vendors to build better products. Testing network security products is difficult and the evolution of advanced threats makes creating a real-world environment challenging. A single methodology can never be perfect, but it can be optimized and standardized. Sophos supports the mission of NetSecOPEN in providing best practice frameworks that will more authentically and fairly demonstrate the effectiveness of products from all vendors.”


Eric Hutchinson, CEO, Spirent Communications

“Security effectiveness and network performance need to be considered hand-in-hand, and organizations must know the impact of both before making a purchasing decision. We applaud the work of NetSecOPEN to enable consistent, objective testing of network security by establishing real-world standards through a systematic, consensus-driven approach.”


Timothy Winters, Senior Executive, Software and IP Networking, UNH InterOperability Lab

"The UNH-IOL has been testing open standards since 1988. NetSecOpen's initiative to create an open standard that will allow next generation firewalls to be tested by the next generation of engineers is very exciting for the lab."


Brendan Patterson, VP of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies:

“As a founding member of NetSecOPEN, WatchGuard is excited to support this important effort to develop performance testing standards that are comparable, regardless of the test tool or environment. This will remove a significant point of confusion for customers as they evaluate new products. Everyone benefits when we make it easier for the customer to evaluate and select appropriate size products for their environment.”

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